Slider Maker

Create a new slider - Jssor Slider Tutorial

1. Create a slider file 'tutorial01.slider'.

Login and open your workspace (e.g. jssorservice*), create a new file 'tutorial01.slider'.

2. Open the slider file.

In your workspace, double click the 'tutorial01.slider' file to open it with slider maker.

3. Set slide size.

Click Layout menu to open layout window. Set slide size to 720 x 480 and then click OK button.

4. Set main image for every slide.

Select a slide, click '...' button of the Slide -> Image property to open file browser dialog.

In the file browser dialog, open your workspace (e.g. jssorservice*), select an image file and then click OK button.

5. Save your slider.

Click File -> Save menu to save your slider.

6. View your slider.

Click View menu to view your slider.
View example tutorial01.slider.